Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghost Suckers and Ghosting

I say "sucker" and Chris says "lollipop" - let's call the whole thing off. But, oh - if we call the whole thing off, then we must part. And, oh - if we ever part, then that would break my heart.

So, both sucker and lollipop are OK.

The girls and I made ghost suckers (lollipops) last night. You take a round sucker (a Dum-Dum or Tootsie Roll Pop work great) and place it in the center of an open white Kleenex (facial tissue) or dinner napkin. Wrap the tissue or napkin around the top of the sucker. Secure the tissue/napkin with either a rubber band or a small piece of ribbon. Draw eyes and a mouth on the face of the ghost and you are all set!

So - those are the ghosts.

We then put 5 ghosts into several bags, and added a drawing of a ghost and a "poem" about Ghosting. What is Ghosting? It is when you sneak out in the dark of nightfall, dressed all in black, and creep up to a friend's doorstep and ring the doorbell. You leave a little bag or basket of goodies (candy, apples, ghost suckers - whatever you like) and run like heck. The friend opens the door and finds the goodies (they have been Ghosted) and they are instructed to Ghost two more homes. You display the drawing of the ghost in your front window so people know which houses have been hit already.

This was huge a few years ago, and nearly all the houses had the ghost drawing displayed. Most people have now given it up. We never will. LOL!! It is TOO MUCH FUN!! I prepare all the stuff, and Chris and the girls sneak around to a few neighbors. I also drove the girls up to May's first grade teacher's house (which is maybe 15 houses up the street from ours). FUN!

We always tumble back in the house in fits of laughter, after having been STONE QUIET while out. LOL!! It really is fun. If I can figure out how to post the drawing and poem here later, I'll leave it for you all.

In past years, we have driven to Grandma's house, our social worker/friend's house, and other far-away abodes. Not this year. We remembered it tooooooo late. You are supposed to start this at least a week before Halloween.

I had the girls Ghost our own home, too. I went to the door and faked my surprise at the bag of ghost suckers. I thanked the invisible ghost and didn't even hear the muffled giggles from around the corner. No, really - I didn't hear them AT ALL. Seriously.

Here are the ghosts and Ghosters.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! It is my favorite holiday!


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nanchang said...

I think on some realm we must be sisters! Maybe there is a red, white, and blue thread as there is a red thread for our daughters!

Jana loved Halloween and never out grew it. She loved dressing up with the kids too!

Glad you kept the ghosting going. I had forgotten about it!