Saturday, October 11, 2008


I did not know my children at the times of their births. But, I often imagine what they may have been like.

Based on what we know of Jane's birth, her Pediatrician has estimated that she likely weighed somewhere around a pound and a half.

Whenever I see this photo, I wonder if this tiny baby weighs around that much.

Whatever my children's beginnings, their Todays are really amazing. They are strong! They are healthy! The future is theirs to make what they wish. It really is a miracle. Three miracles.
May I more often truly SEE the miracle that each day is.

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nanchang said...

Thank you for starting my day off with such a wonderful charge. I too look at children at different ages and think that is just what Grace was like. Now I look for children I think Annabel was like. It sometimes makes me sad to have missed these years, but know I was not ready to have them at those younger years. My life needed to take some twists and turns so I could focus my life on them now.