Monday, October 6, 2008

Indiana Chris

Well. It looks like it could be a few more days before Chris is home from Oregon. He had a little bit of an ordeal getting the final repeater down from the fire he is on. The rain stopped them from being able to get it down until today.

He took a small helicopter (he was flown - he is not a pilot. LOL!) up to a spot that was 3.5 miles from the top of the mountain where the repeater was located. Then, he was to hike in the 3.5 miles and get the repeater and hike back the 3.5 miles and meet the helicopter to fly off the mountain. I had kidded him a couple of days ago NOT to get lost! He told me that was what GPS was for. He would navagate by GPS. OK.

So, today he calls me as he is getting ONTO the helicopter, and then later he calls as he is back off the mountain after the helicopter ride to town. I say, "Did you follow the GPS signal alright?" He says, "Ah, heck no! I just followed THE PATH." LOL!

Indiana Chris. Hee!

We are all looking foward to having him home again. And, at the same time, we are thankful for the income from his national wildland fire-fighting service! And, he just sounds so much more centered and happy.

When he comes home, I just know a full-time 'regular job" is his. I just feel it!


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