Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When I was a girl, pigtails were braided and ponytails were not braided. Now, they just call braids "braids."

The girls have been on quite a braids kick lately. I am thankful that my Arthur is far less painful in my hands than in my knees! LOL!

My girls all want curly hair. Isn't that always the way? The staight-haired girls want curly and the curly-haired girls want straight. My girls love the waves that remain after the braids are removed. They want to sleep in braids so they can awaken to curly hair. LOL!

Here are two pics of May's pigtails/braids the other morning. She had gotten up early and picked a jeans jumper, with jeans underneath, and a jeans jacket. She wanted her hair "just so." I kidded her that she must be campaigning, because she looked so great! (She is running for Mayor in her classroom's "town.")

(The girls all dress themselves and pick their own clothes. Usually, with success, as I am constantly complimented on how they look. The other day, Janie picked a purple top and purple pants. Good, right? Each had a very playful snowflake print. To me - one print and one solid. The Rule. I could NOT convince Jane of that. LOL! So, off she went to school with her mismatched snowflake top and snowflake pants -- and a STRUT and a BIG SMILE. That is worth more to me than matching clothing. Did I mention that she dug the top out of the back of her closet and the sleeves were about 4 inches too short?)

May has always had a hard time "posing" a smile. These two pics show that clearly. LOL!

My daughters are my treasures.


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nanchang said...

OK, I had to laugh out loud on this post. My girls love to have their hair braided in hopes that they will still have some "curl" in the morning.

But I am so glad we have to wear uniforms, because my girls can put together some wacky outfits. I rarely say anything either, unless they have on something too hot or too cold for the day.

I love May's picture smile. I have to have my picture made at work tomorrow and might borrow a lesson from her!!

I feel like I know you and your girls every time I read about what you guys are up to.