Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mei Mei Club Halloween Party

There is a local culture club for girls Kindergarten aged and older who were adopted in China. The girls meet monthly for fun and bonding. They had their Halloween party on Saturday. It was mostly to be held outdoors (haunted walk, trick or treat trees, hay ride, etc.) and it was cold and humid that evening. With my knees, I asked Chris if he would take May and Irene. They had a blast! From the stories and photos, it must have been a great party! The ones of May bobbing for apples crack me up! LOL! She discovered quickly that going for the long-stemmed apples was key! But, she was not afraid to get really wet! You can spot May and Irene easily in the photos by looking for the blue bows in their hair.


lisa said...

OMG, your girls are so cute! I want to come take their pictures. ;) I told Jerri we should come visit you on spring break or in the summer. We LOVE Colorado and we think we might love you and your girls too! LOL

Debby said...

I can't believe how COLD it looks...

We are getting ready for a cool snap (coldest weather since April will be on it's way). Supposed to be in the.........70s!!!!!!!!

mom to Lindsi & Jami

Holly said...

Lisa - You and Jerri are welcome here anytime!! Grab your camera and come on ahead!

Debby - The 70's?? Brrrr! haha
The evening of that party it was about 38 degrees and misty/raining. BRRRRRRRR!!


nanchang said...

That looks like the coolest party I have ever seen for Halloween. I have toyed with the idea of having a Halloween party here but all I could think of was hmmmm, ok, all I had come up with was the idea of having it!!