Friday, October 3, 2008


You know -- politicians are FULL of words. It is part of their jobs. But, I would really (REALLY) love to see politicians that we hear from frequently be able to use words correctly. Or, more fully. Or, at least in a manner that is not embarrassing. (Or, minimally, better than I do! LOL!!)


NUCLEAR. (Not nucular, which is a sad metathesis of the correct word, which is nuclear.)

That is a basic word. Really, it is. It goes back to the MOST basic of science lessons. Lessons about what matter is made of: atoms. Let's all travel back to (what? Sixth Grade?) for just a moment. An atom is made of three parts: proton, electron and neutron. The protons and neutrons cluster together in the center of the atom, which is called the nucleus.

You cannot be any sort of "expert" on ENERGY without understanding the basic make-up of an atom. Since nuclear power (energy and weapons) require atomic manipulation, you need to be able to (somewhat) understand it and (definitely) pronounce it.

There is no "Nu-CU-lar" - it is "nu-CLE-ar."

Phew. Got that out.


How about Tolerance? Now, I would far rather see Tolerance taught above Hate. Let's get that straight. BUT, tolerance places you and your belief system in a superior position to what you are tolerating. How about replacing Tolerance with Acceptance? Accept the beliefs of others. Accept differing lifestyles. Live beside them and not above them. Accept instead of Tolerate. Tolerance still teaches separation and difference. A position of "One Up" and "One Down." Acceptance teaches Oneness. We really need Oneness.

YA vs. YOU
(and other junk such as "bless their hearts")

People. Let's please just cut this out. You are not endearing yourself to me by referring to the American public as "ya." ("yuh") You are speaking down. Six pack hockey mom or not, let us speak in an intelligent manner. I am SO sick of hearing "folks" and "ya" from supposedly well-educated political leaders. You are not my drinking buddy. You are not my friend. You are in a position above that. A leadership position. Deserve the respect that should be yours. Speak as if you deserve a position of respect.

OK. I have picked on poor Gov. Palin enough. She is learning. May she continue to do so.

Oh. And, it is OK to lovingly embrace your children. It really is. Or, do hockey moms not do that? At least she didn't check them! LOL! Senator Biden showed more physical warmth to Gov. Palin's children than she did.

A politician stereotypically "kisses a lot of babies." You may as well start with your own. Really. Showing love to your children would endear you to me FAR more than ... well ... anything! :-)


OK. Please. We all know that Obama and Biden and McCain are Senators and Palin is a Governor. To beat her with her current title is tiresome. Just TIRESOME.

And, a smile can also be condescending. Why don't you just reach across and pat her on her pretty little head? Sigh. If I see Senator Biden smile less, and hear Governor Palin speak less, my world will be improved!

But, I can TOLERATE them. ;-)

At least they were both well programmed and did not embarrass themselves in any major way. This is good.

Words. I may be picking too much here. But, really -- a debate IS words. Period. If I am not paying close attention to the words of a debate, then I am not present. And, I really want to be present now. It is so important.


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Julie said...

AMEN Sister! I love EVERYTHING about this post. Seriously.

Rock on... :)