Sunday, October 5, 2008

Logo Ponderings

Is it just me, or does the Obama/Biden logo have the "flavor" of the Pepsi logo? Not enough to make Pepsi mad, but just enough for you to think a little of Pepsi.

I should talk. I own my own real estate company now and our sign design/layout has a "flavor" of RE/MAX. Not enough to make RE/MAX mad (you REALLY don't want to do that!) but enough to give your brain a subtle background association with success. :-)

And, the fact that I was with RE/MAX for about 14 years may have influenced the design somewhat. ;-)

Anyway -- the Obama/Biden logo feels very refreshing to me! LOL! :-)


1 comment:

nanchang said...

Are you for Obama/Biden? I couldn't tell LOL!!! I've decided I need a logo. I saw a man in a restaurant the other day and you could not read his t shirt, but you recognized the logo as Obama/Biden. Whoever did that for them deserves a big raise. maybe mine will be a beached whale being bitten by two crazy dogs with two China girls both saying "Mommy!!" I think that would be recognizable.