Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nativity Scene Drawing/Giveaway

Please take a look at to enter your Comment for a chance in the drawing for a nativity scene.

Here is what I wrote in the Comments:

Sad to say, I have ZERO nativity scenes. Zip. Zilch. Nothin'. :-( It's high time I added one, right? This one would be lovely! :-)

My 6 year old daughter picked up my oldest daughter's 2000 Millinium Baby ornament as we were decorating the tree and reverently said, "Is this the baby Jesus?" So sad. She needs a real nativity set!

My favorite set was the one my mom had when I was little. The was late 50's though the 60's. The stable had real hay glued on the roof and the little figurines of the wise men, shephards, baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, et al, were made of painted chaulk! You could pick up each one and scratch a little white powder off the bottom, if you were sneaky. :-)

In the 70's, my mom and my grandmother took a ceramics class and made LOVELY (and huge) sets that are still in use in my mom and oldest sister's homes. Who knows where the humble chaulk and hay set is?

I'm off to post to my Facebook and my blog. Thanks for entering me!

All the best from Colorado.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Irene's 7th BD and World AIDS Day 2009

Today we celebrate the 7th birthday of my middle daughter, Irene!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Irene!! Her heart's desires for her presents were an iPod and a suitcase. LOL! We gave her a three piece suitcase set in her favorite color -- red! I told her she may not pack it, or I will have to pack mine to go along with her and daddy and May and Jane will have to pack theirs, too. We belong TOGETHER as a family. She giggles at me. :-) We have made such HUGE progress in the last two years! Grandpa sent her the iPod and she LOVES it. Look how cute she and Jane are together. I can see them as teenagers. :-)

It is also World AIDS Day. I will wear a red ribbon ... Education ... Awareness ... Research ... Fight ... Prayer ... and one day ... Cure!