Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Shiny Quarter

May has been fiddling with one of her top front teeth for about two weeks now. Tonight, she PLEADED with me to tie one end of a string (dental floss) to her tooth and the other to a doorknob. LOL! I refused. I told her that SHE may be ready, but her tooth may NOT be.

But, her Daddy decided otherwise. The two of them sneaked off and did the doorknob thing. Without luck. But, just before sleeping, as I was reading to the girls, May yanked that baby right out of her head! She says, "I guess the tooth WAS ready, because both roots are dissolved." LOL!! That cracked me up.

I told May that the Tooth Fairy should leave this tooth for ME (May always writes a note to the Tooth Fairy and asks to keep her tooth) because I paid for half of it! May had a big and fast-growing cavity between her two front teeth and I had them filled with a white filling. You cannot even tell! Dr. Adam does beautiful work!

So, in the morning, May should have ONE SHINY QUARTER (if she has the same tooth fairy I did) and I should have May's tooth under my pillow. :-)

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