Saturday, October 25, 2008

May's Minute of Fame

A girl in May's school called 911 when her mom had a stroke. Members of the sheriff's department came and held an assembly, where the girl received an award and they put on a presentation about calling 911 in emergencies. Very cool! The local news media covered the event. The back of May's head got about a minute (probably way less) on TV! Can you pick her out? She is in the center of the shot and has a white shirt on. To her left is my possible future son-in-law. ;-) I always like seeing them spending time together. Dear me - I am realizing that I have arranged two future marriages for May inside my head, as I have already promised her to the son of a friend who was our adoption facilitator/guide in China when we adopted May. Hmmmmm ...

Here is May's TV performance. (Jerri - another picture I took off the TV!) It is amazing to me how many of the kids I can identify from the back of their heads! LOL!

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nanchang said...

You make me laugh! I needed that tonight! Thanks!