Thursday, October 2, 2008

A short political message

1 - Please remember to watch the Vice Presidential Debate tonight!

2 - Please remember to REGISTER to vote!
(In Colorado, you have till Monday, October 6)

3 - If you ARE registered, take a moment to CONFIRM that your registration is accurate (name, address. etc.). TIP: If you voted in the Primary and have not moved, you are all set to vote in the General on November 4!

4 - Consider requesting a MAIL-IN BALLOT. Do this NOW. Tomorrow would be great. The lines are forecast to be long. The issues in Colorado (and I imagine in other states as well) are complex. Even with a cheat sheet, it could be confusing.

For me, I love the ritual of voting in person. I have voted with a lever, with a poke out the paper card, with coloring circles, and with electronic touch screen. To me, being THERE in person is part of the process. I do not care how long the lines are. I am going to "stay on the bus" till I get there.

Consider becoming an Election Judge. I used to do this before we had kids and it was fun and interesting! Call your county and find out about it. You are needed!

Use your brain. Listen to your heart. Don't just "vote your party." NEVER simply "vote your parents' party." Really BELIEVE in your choice. LISTEN tonight. Really REALLY hear the two people who wish to be "second in line" for the important job of the President of the United States. Think. Open your ears and your mind to both people. Listen.

I think it is amazing that either one of these intelligent men (OBAMA or McCain) still wish to head up this place. Amazing. Balls of steel. (pardon me.)

Count me among the "ANYONE OTHER THAN MORE OF THE SAME!!" camp.


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