Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coming and Going and Toing and Froing

I never typed toing and froing before.

Chris may come home tomorrow from serving on wildfires in Oregon for nearly two weeks.

The girls are now off school for 2 weeks for Fall Break.

I always feel that two weeks is too long for Fall Break. Two days would be fine. But, I theorize that a two week Fall Break serves our divorce-based community/world well. Two weeks in Fall for one parent and two weeks in Spring for the other parent. Perfect.

And, for we parents who are still loving and cohabitating and just trying to keep our heads above water These Days (sigh), where vacations away from home are not in the Spending Plan, we stroke stroke STROKE to keep the kids happy till ... SCHOOL STARTS AGAIN! (yippeeee)


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nanchang said...

Two week fall break? Good grief! How do you manage that? I don't know if it is still going on, but you have my warmest thoughts trying to work, be mom and dad in Chris' absence, and be activity director too! If you had a Build a Bear close by, you could spend the same on a trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid. Does that make sense? It's not cheap, so hope your girls enjoy riding bikes, catching bugs, and wrestling with the dogs! Jerri