Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marathon Man

Chris ran the Denver Marathon on Sunday and finished just under 5.5 hours! WOO HOO!!!!! The course took the runners through the major mid-city parks (starting at Civic Park, then Cheesman Park, CityPark, Washington Park, and ending up back at Civic Center Park.) The girls and I were there to cheer him on at the finish line. As part of his package, he got small cow bells for his supporters to ring. We had a lot of fun ringing those things like MAD for each runner we got to see cross the finish line. Chris had a bad leg cramp at mile 21 and one of the race supporters gave him a potassium/sodium pill. I think that if he would not have had that cramp, he would have come in under 5 hours. I think that running a marathon in ANY length of time is AMAZING! GREAT JOB, CHRIS!! (Click on the picture to see a larger version. You can also right click to save a copy of any photo on my blog.)

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