Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Allergy or Strep?

So. Last year I found out that I have a pretty strong allergy to decomposing fall leaves. But, I love the fall. Love it. I cannot stay out of leaves and pumpkin patches. This year, after a day of leaf gathering, another day at a pumpkin patch, and another day with LOTS of time spent arranging leaves and laminating lots of bookmarks with leaves inside them for my children's school friends and teachers, I got sick. Of course. No biggie. Just an allergy, right? I have a horribly stuffy nose, low fever (comes and goes) and I am tired beyond tired. But, I figure it will pass.

Until tonight. My throat hurts. That is the understatement of the year. I took a flashlight and looked into my aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh throat and discovered that the whole thing is swollen. I have two tiny slits for accessing air. There is a lot of red and white - all I need is blue and I could have a patriotic throat! ha.

SO. Throat culture tomorrow??

I have never had strep throat before. Ever. I have had MANY exposures to it - for sure. But, I never got it. Ever.

Now -- why wouldn't anyone else in my family have this if it is strep??

I think I need Dr. House.

Oh. And, it is blizzarding here. OK. Maybe not blizzarding, but snowing sideways. The girls did the Snow Day Dance before bed, just as it started to snow. It is waaaaaaaaay to early in the season for a Snow Day! PLUS -- we just got off of two weeks of Fall Break, forgoodnesssake. Sheesh.

Back to the camomile tea. Ouch.

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