Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New photos in Sept posts

I posted more details and photos in two posts from September: the one on the final cross country track meet, and the one on Janie's birthday party. There are LOTS and LOTS of photos in the birthday post because several of the Other Mothers read this blog, so I thought they could pull their children's photos off the blog since the CDs I always promise to people never do seem to actually materialize.

I kid my very close friends that they need to bring their blank CDs over and swipe copies of whatever photos they want.

I also dream of a big WAN (Chris tells me that my terminology is old and they are now called VPNs) where my circle of friends and family could access parts of each other's hard drives and pull photos at will.

Go look at the photos. You can see the crazy pinata being built. LOL!


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