Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dishwasher

Everyone think good thoughts for our dishwasher. It recently decided that it only needed to steam the dishes and not actually spray them. Ugh. Some foods get steamed off. Some don't. LOL!

I took it all apart (not ALLLLLL apart), cleaned it out, looked at it a lot, made sure nothing was stuck in it anywhere (dish parts, utensils, food particles), tested out various settings/modes, and then ran it empty. I prayed, chanted and did a magic spell on it. May and I held hands, danced and prayed, and sent it healing thoughts.

When I opened it up after running it empty (after verifying that there was NOTHING inside the dishwater), it had a small straw at the bottom of the dishwasher. Where it came from, I have no clue. But, maybe it was lodged somewhere and stopping the sprayer from spraying?

I removed the straw. Then, I loaded it lightly with dishes and did a regular cycle. I left plenty of open space, so the water could spray liberally.

It worked!

My dishwasher appears to be healed!

YAY! Because I have no Spending Plan for a new dishwasher. :-)


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nanchang said...

I've decided there is a conspiracy against mothers who have adopted from Jiangxi and blog regularly! This conspiracy attacked our dishwashers simulataneously(sp?). I had the exact same experience and tried new detergent, running while we are not home and sharing its precious hot water, begging it, crying over it, and finally a friend sent her husband to look at it. Of course as soon as a man showed up it worked fine! Yippee!! but washed up while he was there was one of the biggest roaches I have ever seen. Can you die of embarassment?