Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trimming the big tree and the little dog and others

(Aside: So. As it turns out, Skippy appears to indeed be a female dog after all. She is in heat, and scheduled for spaying on January 12. Who knew?? Clearly, not me! LOL!)

Here are some photos of our big tree, our little dog, my 3 treasures (AKA daughters), my darling husband, one of our tiny trees, and Janie being able to put the star on top of the advent calendar while on her tip-toes! I am not editing the order or anything else about these photos. Deal with it, people! :-)

As always, click on the photo if you want to see a bigger size.

Ho Ho Ho

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nanchang said...

Is that Snow White under your tree? I love all your girls love to be so close and cuddled up together. I am looking forward to that for us too.

Also, I LOVE the number of candy canes! They are great and a favorite here too.