Monday, December 22, 2008

Our tree

I just love the way our big tree looks! There are soooo many handmade ornaments on there (and more now that Chris' dad just sent us even more of the ones that C's mom made! Thanks, Dad!!!). There are old ones, new ones, silly and sentimental ones. It all adds up to visual and emotional perfection to me. Some of you will recognize YOUR creations in the photos below. The tiny socks are near the top of my favorites.

We have another large tree that we call The Traveling Tree. It is set up in our home's tatami (Japanese and Chinese) room, which used to be the master sitting room. I bought that tree and much of what is on it, when we lived in Toyko. Nothing that is breakable is allowed to hang on it. It has lovely ornaments of plastic, wood, candy, paper, plaster, and fabric.

We also have 4 tiny trees that are each about 14-18 inches tall. The girls each have their own, plus Chris has one with a bear theme (bears all over it, and a bear family that sits beside the tree).

Here are some shots of The Big Tree this year:

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Debby said...

Love it, absolutely beautiful!!...but I REALLY want to see the girls individual trees...& the bear tree too.