Sunday, December 14, 2008

Summertime visitors

In July of 2007, just a few days before we left for China to get Irene, our next-door neighbor Larry let us know that he took some pictures of some early morning visitors in our backyard!

I was so surprised when he emailed me about a dozen photos of two deer in our backyard! They were eating birdseed out of one of the feeders, and taking a drink from May and Jane's tiny wading pool! They also seem to be eying May's garden. That summer, she had a lot of yummy things in there.

I think the first photo is so interesting! Larry was peeking through his forest of TREES into our backyard, which could better be referred to as The Badlands. My dear neighbors have been beyond patient with our "natural landscaping." Once finances are more abundant in our family, and I have at least one knee replacement, our landscaping will be done!

I love these pictures of our peaceful deer visitors, taken by our wonderful dear neighbor.

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