Sunday, December 7, 2008

I love a (Veteran's Day) parade

I love a parade. No, you don't understand. I really REALLY R-E-A-L-L-Y love a parade!! I think it is in my genes. And, there is nothing like a Veteran's Day parade in a military town. We live close enough to Colorado Springs to go to their parades. And, this one on November 8, 2008 was (to borrow my Daddy's term) FANNNNNNN-TASTIC!

I took about 200 photos and narrowed them down to the best MUST HAVE 72. Then, I whacked away without mercy and decided on these 40 to show to you. But, it has really lost so much of the feel of the day. There was a place of honor for every branch of the military, every war, every major battle, MIA/POW, ROTC, vets and active duty, helicopters, subs, flag displays, and MORE MORE MORE. Wow. AWESOME!

It was a little chilly when it first got started. Irene began by whining and moaning and grumbling. But, she ended the parade with her coat off and DANCING in the street! It was WONDERFUL!
At the very end, after the street sweepers and motorcyle cops had gone by, a guy rode his bicycle up to us and let the girls sit on it and he patiently explained the unusual bike to them. He let each of the girls sit in the bike. He was so nice and chatty and friendly. Turns out that Chris knows him from the local cycling club. The guy ran for public office a while back. I believe it. He was very personable! He became Our New Best Friend, Alan. He kidded the girls that he was the only parade entrant who stopped and let them ride on the ride. He was right! Nice guy.

Sooooooo ... come along to the consolidated version of the Colorado Springs Veteran's Day Parade, 2008! I'll post the 40 photos in small size. You will need to click on any that you want to see in a larger size. See if you can find my nose.


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