Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Irene Turns 6! (family party)

We celebrated Irene's 6th birthday on December 1st with a small party just for our little family of five. As is our tradition, Irene got to pick a little cake at the bakery. She chose chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. That's mygirl! She chose dinner, and it was Chinese noodles. The girl has a serious addiction! LOL!

I asked the bakery gal to write Happy Birthday, Irene on the top. The name IRENE totally threw this woman! LOL!! I had to spell it s-l-o-w-l-y three times for her as she wrote. Sheesh. And, she still used a lower case I instead of a capital. Weird.

We kept the presents pretty low key, and Irene was thrilled with each one! She really loved a new red shirt with a bow on it, the books from my sister Linda and her family, and a special envelope from her Connecticut aunts, Peg and Alice. She loved getting some new books and cartridges for the My First Leap Pad, even though they say they are for Preschool. She LOVES the Leap Pads. Littlest Pet Shop toys were also a hit.

Irene has seen a lot of life in her short 6 years. To see her HAPPY and GIGGLY is just such a joy! She is my treasure. Happy birthday, Irene!!

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