Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fountain of Youth (for skin)

As I approach my 50th birthday a couple of weeks from now (yippeeee!), I have noticed that my skin is drying up beyond all belief! This has actually been happening for about a year now and is probably tied to perimenopause. Or real menopause.

At any rate, I would look at my hands and feet and wonder why my Mother's hands and feet are on the end of my arms and legs! LOL! My shins have captured some crocodile skin. Ugh.

So, I mention all of this to my niece Jill in early November, and she recommends shea butter to me. She tells me that it is in the ethnic hair/skin care section at stores like Wal-Mart. Shea butter makes sense to me, as that is what Jane's pediatrician recommended in her body wash for baths and showers (she has very sensitive skin).

I bought a pot of Palmer's Shea Butter, and have been using it ever since. I LOVE THIS STUFF. My skin is soft and smooooooth and supple and the elasticity had returned to it. My dry skin (even on heels) just rubs off after a bath or shower, just like it did when I was 20! My skin has not been this hydrated for decades!

Living in Colorado, you are wise to sleep with lip balm on to avoid chapped lips. I have given up my beloved Blistex Silk and Shiny in favor of a bit of shea butter! Works great! When I have a cold, I will still rib a little Vics Vape-O-Rub on my lips. Seriously! I have found nothing better! The smell evaporates (or your sense of smell deadens??) after a very short time. Try it. Only for adults without skin sensitivities.

Here is a picture of what you need to look for, if you have dry skin or chapped lips. It is a solid, but if you rub it in your hands, it melts and is easy to apply. Thanks for the recommendation, Jill!!

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nanchang said...

You are so funny!!! I don't know why this caught me as hysterical except that it is a constant battle for me!!! I am out of carmex and using a chapstick someone gave me. I am headed to Wal Mart for all the great things you have recommended! I love menopause!