Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Little Trees

OK. Here is a post just for you, Debby! (Debby, my China-mom on-line friend, not Debby my sister, who never has time in her schedule for such things. Poor woman.)

Here are the little trees (with flash and without). Keep in mind that the girls did much of the decorating, and so they are ... PERFECT! But, Martha Stewart might not agree. Poor woman.

Chris' Bear Tree with The Bear Family,
Irene's Tree in the Santa Boot with the Sparkling Bells (she chose to display it in their bathroom, which has been great!),
Jane's Tree in the Snowy Hill (where have all her other ornaments gone?? Into her Secret Drawer maybe?),
and May's Tree with its Variety and Heart Atop!

May and Jane's trees are together on their chest of drawers in the sleeping room, and I plug them in for the girls to fall asleep to.

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Debby said...

LOVE THEM..thank you. Merry Christmas to you & your brood.