Friday, January 2, 2009

Petitioning God

So. I am reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I tried to read this a couple of times before, but the timing was not right. It is now. I am really enjoying this book.

Before I had children, I used to whip through 2-3 books at one time. These days, I labor through one book and it takes me forever to reach the end.

In Eat, Pray, Love on page 32 the author petitions God to end her difficult divorce.

I am not big on prayers that ask God for something. I call them the "I want a new red bike" prayers. However, our family has a true NEED and I feel it is time to "petition God" in a manner inspired by Ms. Gilbert's writing.

In the book, the author and her friend "imagine" (visualize) that many people add their support of her petition by "signing" alongside her signature. As I read this part of the book, I could feel the power and support that she must have felt as alllllllllll those people signed her petition to God.

As I post my own petition to God in this public manner, I am envisioning all the many signatures and support that join my plea.

Thank you.
Dear God,

Please intervene and help Chris gain employment. He has faithfully applied for jobs, had interviews, and tried every outlet he can think of. This lack of employment is bringing financial suffering and lack to our family, as well as stress and worry to our family and to everyone who cares about us.

I recognize that you are busy with wars and tragedies and much larger conflicts than the financial well-being of one family. But it is my understanding that the wealth of the planet is affected by the wealth of every individual on it. As long as our family experiences financial lack, the whole of the world’s economy is contaminated by it. Similarly, if even one family can be free from financial insecurity, this will increase the general wealth of the whole world, the way a few healthy cells in a body can increase the general health of that body.

It is my most humble request, then, that you help us end this financial lack and gap in employment, so that one more family can have the chance to become prosperous and financially secure, and so that there will be just a little bit less financial instability in a world that is already far too troubled by economical woes.

I thank you for your kind and immediate attention.



JoAnn Stringer said...

Sign me up, Holly -- I think that's a very sensible and sincere prayer.

Marcie said...

Holly, I believe that God cares about even the smallest things... "pray without ceasing". You can not pray without ceasing unless you pray about everything!
I read a book called "the Power of a Praying Wife" and it seriously changed my relationship with my husband. You can read it all the way through the first time, and then each chapter is about a different aspect of your husband's life that you can pray for him specifically. It even has a chapter on jobs and such.
I'll pray too!

Julie said...

E,P,L is one of my fave books of ALL TIME. I remember this passage vividly. Count me for a signature on your "petition"!

nanchang said...

Holly, you have my prayers as well as my signature on your petition. I know these are difficult times for your family and I will also pray for the patience needed to persevere. Love, Jerri

notnewstome said...

Well, put, Holly. It reminded me of Psalm 86 somehow. Maybe just because that's a favorite prayer of mine--the entire thing. (Even the "enemy" parts can fit if we don't think of enemies too literally.)
with love Debby