Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hair Things

Guess how many hair do-dads May (my 8 year old) put in my hair last night as I read to the girls before bed. Go ahead -- take a guess.

Give up?


When I was finished reading, I sat on the couch and took them out.

It took a while.



notnewstome said...
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notnewstome said...

Better hair-do-dads than lifesavers candy! I remember a story about a little girl who got the candy wet then rolled her hair onto it. Imagine that mess. They had to cut it off.
- Debby W

notnewstome said...

There's something weird happening on the "inner net" today.

Debby said...

Wish you had a photo of May's hair. Lindsi likes to do that too...although I don't think she's ever hit 65!!!!!