Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bare tree in the living room

Isn't this where we started about a year ago?? I remember posting about having taken allll the Christmas decorations down and the ornaments off the big tree, and having a bare tree in the living room.

Deja vu.

Janie (5) and I skipped church today and we got all the ornaments off the tree. OK. I took 99% of them off. But, Janie kept me good company. She always does. That kid is an absolute pleasure to be with.

She says the cutest things. I put all the ornaments temporarily into a plastic bin and will sort them all into their boxes and bags and repack them into two plastic bins later - probably after everyone is asleep. My productive time! LOL! Janie looked into the box and said, "Look, Mommy! The angel is having a bath in all the ornaments!" LOL! You gotta love that.

EVERY year when I get to this stage, I ponder whether we will move before the next Christmas. If I ever knew for sure we would NOT move, I would just leave the jumbled ornaments together in the temporary "to be sorted and packed better" box, and save the time and trouble of making them all safe and secure.

It is interesting where my brain wanders. And wonders.

OK. Now I have to work up to folding the branches up and getting it ready for Chris to put into the big boxes. I am very careful (read: compulsive and controlling) about how the branches get folded and unfolded. So, it takes a long time.

Better get to it.


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