Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MLK Day Clean-Up and Cookies

The girls and I spent about an hour and a half cleaning up the open space behind our house. It was SOOOOOOO WINDY today!! I was amazed at all the stuff we gathered as trash out there! The photo below shows us about halfway through.

May dropped her beloved purple heart-shaped sunglasses that she has had for years. I am hoping she and her daddy can head back out there tomorrow morning and find them. She lost them pretty close to our house, so maybe ...

My knees were beyond aching by the time we got back home. Bless whoever discovered ibuprofen! The fall I took in the kitchen later in the evening, as I was showing Chris how closely the girls "hike" near me did not help at all. LOL! (Karma?) I lay on the kitchen floor and LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY!! It was SUCH a slapstick fall. I love slapstick! I could actually feel my hair go UP as my body clumsily fell DOWN. LOL! I only have a few bruises (my ribcage fell against the white plastic bucket you see in the picture. WHY didn't it make it to the garage with the big bags of trash??), so I am thankful. And, they say a good laugh is very healthy for you! I certainly got that!! I could NOT get up for a long time because I was laughing so hard!!

When faced with difficult events, you can laugh or you can cry. I choose to laugh!

The girls and I talked a lot about other specific ways we can PLEDGE to continue to serve, support, and enhance the people, community and land that surrounds us each day. America's future depends on ALL of us pitching in and making a great effort. Yes, we can!

We had a lot of fun baking chocolate chip cookies, too. And, more fun eating them!

And, tomorrow (today) we will awaken to A New Day. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!


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Lael said...

Many years ago I had a real slapstick fall like that - the funniest thing about it was... I slipped on a banana peel LOL! I mean, I never thought anybody REALLY did that. It was in a parking lot but nobody was around to see me flailing around. I got a good laugh out of it at least :D