Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When I first started thinking about who to vote for in November's election, at first I was a big supporter of Hilary Clinton. My personal and professional lives were so easy during her husband's presidency. I liked her, too. So, jumped in. I can remember the exact moment I changed my support to Barack Obama. I was listening to Barack speak via Podcast on my iPod as I cleaned the girls' playroom. After I was done, I said to Chris, "You know, I may switch to Obama." I was shocked.

And, I never looked back. I made the right choice.

I have to say that I think Hilary will be a good Secretary of State.

And, I really hope someone close to her will counsel her to stop making this face on TV. We have pause buttons and TiVo, digital cameras, and the strange compulsion to take photos off the TV set. Shots like this live forever! :-)

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