Friday, January 23, 2009

January 20, 2009 Inauguration Day

Jerri - This post is for you, Girl. LOL! (Not because of the subject, but because taking photos off the TV amuses you!)

I took 316 (yes, you read that right) pictures off our TV on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 as our President Barack Obama was sworn in and all the festivities happened.

I sat with tears of JOY and AWE streaming down my cheeks, as I watched and my 3 daughters checked to be sure I was OK. I hugged them tight. I explained that not only did I think that a wonderful man had become our President, but we had elected our first black President! I explained, in tears, that people had died, marched, protested, and fought for this day! Some had lived to see it, and some had not. The day just felt HUGE to me.

My girls are young enough that this moment may become "normal" to them and their life experience as time goes on and our world evolves. But, I want to teach them how important it is in historical terms.


Out of those 316 TV photos I took, the following is probably my favorite. I will post other favorites in other posts (Jerri). :-)


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Julie said...

I cried watching their first dance as was just an overwhelming wave of emotion after such a wonderful, momentous day! I also love that they really seem to love each other, and share a level of intimacy with one another and their girls that is - sadly -uncommon these days. It is a great role model for a country that has become "disconnected" in so many is as NEW DAY in America!