Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Xin nian kuai le!! Happy New Year! We have finished the year of the rat and started the year of the ox! WOOOO!! HOOOO!! May this year bring you health, wealth, joy, luck, peace and abundance! And, to me, too. :-)

This school year has really felt "off" as we skipped Chinese school for the first time since May was 2 (she is now 8). This Chinese New Year celebration also feels different, as we are not with our Chinese school friends in celebrating. BUT, we did have a family celebration! We banged on pots and pans to scare away the bad luck of last year. We swept the old year out the door, but refrained from sweeping on New Years so as not to whisk the good luck away! We ate yummy Chinese food (like we don't do this all the time! LOL!). We gave May, Irene and Jane their hong bao (red envelopes that had money and chocolate coins in them). The girls wore their Chinese dresses to school (it was COLD and so they added long sleeved shirts and long pants or thick tights underneath!

Aren't they lovely?? Beyond lovely. I am SO PROUD to get to be their Mama!! Wow. For a person who was once told that I had a less than 20% chance of having a baby -- I have THREE gorgeous daughters!!! AM I WEALTHY AND FORTUNATE, OR WHAT??

Happy New Year, everyone!


DaisyJ said...

Truly beautiful! Happy New Year and hoping it brings LOTS of GOOD STUFF!

Debby said...

I love your Posers.....very cute.

I found this link & you have to try it. Some Super Duper Hi Def can focus in (it takes just a moment) on any head in the crowd...AMAZING!!

Julie said...

Wealthy and fortunate INDEED! Your girls - as always - look gorgeous. I love the one of Janey and Irene with their arms around each sweet!

Erika said...

Happy Year of the Ox and wonderful things to you and your family. I "met" you through your loving comments on Brainhell's blog. And my daughter, turning 13 in 2 short months, is from Shang Gao in Jiang Xi. How quickly time flies - hugs, health, and happy times.

nanchang said...

You are RICH! What beauties! I love that you can see the personality of each one coming through in just their pictures. But you need to post more often!!! I've eaten my last piece of chocolate so I have to get back to work. That was the deal I made myself as a break from work that makes me crazy. Jerri

May said...

dear mom,
chiniese new year was a blast. I had a lot of fun on chiniese new year.

Your Daughter,