Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Dinner and Birthday Celebrations

So. If you are looking for my Petition to God (thank you) go back two posts older (January 2).

We went to the home of my oldest sister and her husband (Ricki and Jerry) for Christmas dinner, and the birthday celebrations for me (50), my nephew (OK, great-nephew) Kedus (4) and my middle daughter Irene (6). It is GREAT to have kids to celebrate birthdays with me! When we put the candles on the cake, it looked like we were turning 6504! LOL! Love it.

Our family made the cake as our contribution to the family dinner. Ricki and Jerry worked SO HARD to make this a lovely day and yummy dinner -- and it was!

Ricki and Jerry's son (my nephew) and his wonderful family (wife and 6 year old son) were there from North Carolina. We had not seen them since my Daddy died in early 2006, so it was GREAT to have them for Christmas!!

Here are LOTS of photos from the day. I will load them in small size and you may click on any that you want a larger view of.


nanchang said...

Wow! What a beautiful family! It looks like you had so much fun. This is one of the great things about holidays, getting the extended family together, even if for a short time.

Happy birthday to you and Irene! I didn't realize her birthday was so close to yours.

Party of Seven said...

your girls are getting so big! Thanks for the email about the attachment class this Friday, I hope to make it.