Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I was all too happy to kick 2008's skinny, little, cheap, miserly, stingy, miserable, stressful, worrysome, lacking, blind, unjust, crazy rear-end out the door, and fling my arms open wide to welcome wonderful 2009!!

How many of you are doing black-eyed peas today?

Here are my wild and crazy daughters, as they celebrated the arrival of 2009. (Aren't they angels?? I can nearly see Janie's halo and wings. :-) You can also almost SEE May and Irene plotting as they recharge! LOL!)

May this year bring you ALL that you need and much of what you want (and to me, too!!).

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nanchang said...

LOVE it! Those pictures are priceless. I wish mine had done the same! The original PARTY ANIMALS!!