Friday, August 22, 2008

Run, Forrest, Run!

Today marked the start of the Fall Cross-Country season for the running team. This is May's 4th year and Irene's 1st year.

The club is a great organization that is not school sponsored, and is offered throughout our local area for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Each team is named for their elementary school and they have team t-shirts with a common logo, but a unique shirt color.

Every kid who finishes is a winner. Everyone yells for everyone! And, we allllll scream for the kid who gets the hitch in his (or her) side and hobbles in dead last, in tears and wiping their nose on their team shirt. YEA!!!!!

Being played in the Fall (cross country) and Spring (track) seasons, there is a strong possibility for snowy or rainy and COLD meets! Each series (XC and track) has three meets. Some end after the sun sets. Yes, it gets cold. We go anyway! It is FUN!!!!! (And fun is good)

Sooooooo ... all last year, Irene (and Jane and myself) went to the meets to cheer May (and everyone else) on. Irene learned that she could go this year, once she was a Kindergartner.

Now - mind you, we went to the MEETS. Not to the PRACTICES.

The practices are held two mornings a week, at 7:30am. Chris is on the coaching team, and so he gets there a little early to help set up cones, get shirts ready for new members, check the roster, fluff his pom-pons, and shine his whistle. No, that can't be right. OK. So, I have no clue what he does. I am at home, drinking coffee and planning my own day. But, I digress ...

So. This morning, Chris gets May and Irene up and they get all ready.

Off they go to PRACTICE. Irene has her heart SET on racing and winning and BEING FIRST. First, I tell you. FIRST. Nothing less will do. Imagine her dismay when they ran drills and sprints, or whatever the heck they did. No first place.

She sat down and CRIED. She WAILED. She even cried that she WANTED MOMMY!! LOL! (uh-huh, like that is ever true)

After practice, May got re-dressed (picture day today) and Chris and Irene came home (Irene has PM Kindergarten, which you already know).

I sat Irene down and explained about a meet vs. practice. We ran through the days of the week (thankfully, I know the song and so does she) and she came to realize (I think) that on Tues and Thurs mornings, she will practice running. The RACE (meet) will come later. After many practices. I do think she gets it.

Here are some pictures of our three runners. Aren't they cute as all get-out??


May said...

Dear mom, I like being in running club alot! Love,MAY ,P.S. I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

May said...

Dear mom I like running club alot it is so much fun to run! Love ,May,P.S. I LOVE YOU ALOT!