Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My new nephews

OK. So they are really my GREAT nephews. :-)

Last night, I took the girls to DIA (Denver airport) to welcome home their new cousins (OK. second cousins) who were recently adopted in Ethiopia. They are named Nate and Kedus and they are SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! Their pictures did not do them justice. Seeing them has stolen my heart. They are just so cute and precious. They way they look up at me with their big eyes, and try little mischievous deeds and then look at their Mom and Dad out of the corners of their eyes is just TOO ENDEARING! Man. They are just great! I cannot wait to get to know them better over the years. And, my girls LOVE them and cannot wait to run with them, play with them (and hug them).

I was SO PROUD of my three daughters and how they knew to have good behavior, let the boys have the spotlight, hug their beloved girl cousins who have now become the big sisters to the two boys, stay close to me, not act out and be crazy, and keep some peaceful distance from the boys (for now) without attacking them! I was THRILLED to see that my 3 CAN act right! Wow.

Here are a few pictures from the airport homecoming. The video I shot turned out better (nearly all my digital photos are blurry). If my poor brain can remember, I will post some shots off the video to the blog at some point in the future.

I posted the REALLY blurry photo on purpose, as it accurately shows how the family surely must have felt at this point in their journey.

Welcome home, Nate and Kedus!! Congratulations to Dave, Jill, Phoebe and Olivia!!

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nanchang said...

Absolutely gorgeous family. Those little cuties make you just want to hug and squeeze them!