Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mother

Today is my Mother's 86th birthday! Yippeeeeee!! She is off to the wedding of her grand-daughter (my next older sister's oldest daughter) in Oklahoma. My Mother is pretty healthy, and she can easily beat me in any foot race. LOL! May her good health and amazing positive spirit continue! Here are some pictures that show what a WONDERFUL Grandma she is to my three daughters! Happy birthday, Mother!!


nanchang said...

Happy Birthday Holly's Mom!

I know what you mean about her beating you in a foot race. I have several 90+ year old "friends" who can beat me! Even with my mom's foot bandaged up she can still beat me!

wesparks said...

Holly, enjoyed your blog and pics it is so interesting and amazing what you write and how you keep up with the girls, in the pic with everyone dressed up to go to wedding who are the first 2 ladies?? I know the rest, Beverly Sparkman from Oklahoma:)

Holly said...

Hi Beverly - Are you talking about the top pic, with my mom and 4 ladies? Those are myself (on the right, with Ricki on the far right) and my other two sisters - the youngest is Debby on the far left, and Linda who is my co-middle is to the left of my Mother. My mom and her 4 daughters. It was taken on Easter in 2006, which was right after my Daddy died. We were all so sad, but our love shines through in that photo. I think it is a GREAT picture. Thanks for your kind comments about my blog and my silly writings. :-) Sorry it took me so long to see your comment! I need to figure out how to get the system to email me the comments. Love, Holly