Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to school - May

It is about time I posted about back to school, right? May started Third Grade on August 6th. She loved her Second Grade teacher sooooooooooooo much (and rightly so!) that she cried and cried and cried the morning of starting this year with a new teacher. My heart broke for her. I assured her that she could still love her Second Grade teacher, and that a new love may grow for her new teacher. So, off she went with her new Strawberry Shortcake backpack and an openness for the day. Chris took her, and he got to experience the new "Kiss and Go" drop off zone at school. I would have wanted to go in and walk her to her room. So, it was best that he took her on this first day. It is never easy for me to see my girls off to the first day of school.

Her new teacher sent home the most wonderful memo about her personal teaching philosophy. The basic thought was that she hates to hear "I can't" from her students. I smiled, because I teach my girls to add "yet" to the end of that statement (I can't yet). I told her that she could send homework home to me of anything she would do outside the class (cutting, stapling, copying, laminating, coloring, sorting, grading - anything!) and she took me up on my offer the very first day! Cool! I got to make Math Dictionaries for each of the kids. Fun!
May really enjoys her teacher and her class and is off to a great start in Third Grade. Here are some pics of her heading off the school (she had PE the first day, so is dressed accordingly).

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nanchang said...

May looks like such a seasoned pro at this whole school thing. She has it down, doesn't she!

I am so glad your girls will pose with pretty smiles! They are just so cute!