Monday, August 25, 2008

End of a short addiction

For the last 17 days, it feels like I have done little more than watch the Olympics and do the things that MUST be done in my daily life. I have broken our House Rule that states "Keep Balance" in life. I have been happily out of balance!

We have done a lot of things that we rarely do ... like eat in front of the TV every night for 17 nights! LOL! Or even watch TV for 17 nights in a row. Wow.

I don't regret a minute of it. I am so PROUD of the country of my children's births! China really REALLY did the Olympics well. SO WELL. From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and everything in-between ... so wonderful! I am not going to get into the political side of things here (but do watch for a coming post dedicated to Politics and Religion! GASP!) as I want to remember the many, MANY positives of China's hosting of these Olympic games.

I spoke with clients on the phone today. I felt a great sense of joy, peace, and optimism with regard to being a real estate broker. Something I have not felt for a while. Watch for a future post about real estate and the economy and how they relate to having a clean car. LOL!

I vacuumed away the big Cos Balls (globs of dog hair from Cosmos The Dog) that had been shifting around the kitchen floor for 17 days. May and I did allllllllllllllllllll the dishes. I washed 4 loads of laundry.

I ran replacement clothes to school for Irene (don't ask) and smiled ear-to-ear to see her teacher completely at ease (even joyful! As a Kindergarten teacher should be!) with her new class size (they have added a morning class and split Irene's class - leaving a far more manageable size of 17 Kindergarteners in Irene's class) and completed a volunteer project for May's teacher. I gazed at Jane's teachers with the true sense of appreciation that I feel for them. I hope all of my children's teachers know how MUCH I value them!! I felt very present in the moments of today.

I even made baby steps toward my better personal health, after having one heck of a cold for the past 3 or 4 days. Amazing what restored health can do for one's energy level!!


Tonight, I cooked a healthy dinner. My family gathered around the kitchen table. I felt so happy to be back to normal! I started our conversation with, "Hello, my name is Mommy, I shake you warmly by the hand." Hee! (Charley and the Chocolate Factory reference) Our dinner table ritual of each person telling the Best Part and Worst Part of their day fell back into place with ease.

The girls went to bed nicely tonight, and everyone fell back into proper places. No harm done.

Balance is restored.

But, I just have to take this moment to post some pictures taken from the TV (hi, Jerri!) that I took during the Olympics closing ceremony. Goodbye, again, My China. May and I agreed today how very much we miss China and how much we would like to go back.

One day ... one day.

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nanchang said...

It's the only way I have gotten to see any of the olympics so grateful you have taken the pictures! We boarded the plane in Guangzhou right as the ceremonies began and life has not been settled enough to watch TV ever since!

When I finally did sit down to watch, it was the closing credits.

Our lives changed almost as much as the athletes in the time to do the olympics!

What a proud day for May! that must be a great school. Maybe we will find a real estate broker and move to Colorado! Just joking.

The word verification on this post spells out oh bum! my feelings exactly!