Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to school - Jane

August 6th saw my sweet little Janie off to her THIRD year of Preschool! She misses the birthday deadline for Kindergarten by just 3 days. At first, I considered testing her into Kindergarten for this year. She would easily pass the academic testing/assessment. But, then we decided that it was actually for the good that she would be in a different grade than Irene. It makes sense.

The class is afternoons, Monday through Thursday. Jane's class has the same main teacher as last year (she is GREAT!!) and one of the assistants returned for the very first part of the year. The second assistant was a teacher who had subbed a lot last year, and so was well known to Jane. The assistant from last year has since left for a new job, and they are trying out different teachers for the third spot. Not sure what will happen.

Janie LOVES her school ("I have my OWN class, Mama. WITHOUT IRENE!!!") So, splitting them into the two grades turns out to be a great decision.

At Assessment yesterday, Jane's teacher watched her breeze through everything. She said, "What will I teach you this year?" LOL! Seriously. Janie is always working on her self-confidence and on speaking up for herself. So, she may fly through the academic stuff, but being in Preschool is of huge value to her for so many other reasons!

Next year, for Kindergarten, she will surely need a full-day class, though!

Here are some photos of Janie in her current favorite dress, modified with a shirt underneath it in order to meet school dress code. She did not want a new backpack this year, preferring her beloved Dora backpack from last year. She likes familiar things. Sweet girl.

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nanchang said...

Somehow I missed some of your posts! I love that each, except May, had on their favorite party dresses for the first day of school. They are just beautiful and obviously well loved at home!