Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

I actually feel sad today that Halloween is now past. (But, we did something fun today, too. Post forthcoming!)

May was Sleeping Beauty (thanks for the costume loan, Lori!). Irene was a butterfly princess. Jane was Cinderella. Cost of dressing up: $0. Result: Priceless! :-)

Irene told me ages ago that she wanted me to paint a butterfly on her face. Janie wanted real makeup. No problem. May decided at the very last moment (truly) that she wanted a ladybug painted on her face. Okey dokey.

Chris took them out (love the way his hat's reflective stuff photographed!), while I stayed home to pass out candy. We had LOTS of trick-or-treaters! Chris decorated the entryway and added a blue-tone light to make things scary and weird. It was a tank light for the saltwater tank. The kids all loved it!

Treats abound.

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pandanleaf said...

R those kids ur daughter? They looks like chinese! Well, haloween in ur country sound much better than here. nice meeting u!