Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last Post Amended

SO. I talked to my little sister today to ask her to look at the post about the childhood dress and tell me if it was hers or mine. (That is not the only reason I called her. We commonly talk on the phone. Sometimes many times a day.)

She knew exactly the dress I was talking about. And, not having even a trace of Mommy Brain, she corrected me on what I remembered. The dress was Debby's. Our oldest sister (Ricki) had the dress last, because her daughter (who is now 37 and a mom of 4!) wore it when she was little. When they were finished with it, Ricki gave the dress back to Debby. It is Ricki's handwriting on the lid of the box, and not our Mother's. Debby actually gave it to me for my girls to wear.

I forgot to ask Debby if she wants her dress back!

It always amazes me how Debby remembers tiny details of things. I used to be that way before I had kids.

I love having my kids ... even though I have LOST MY MIND! LOL! :-)


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notnewstome said...

In a "one degree of separation" way those are my little girls in my dress (which I don't remember ever wearing--maybe there is a slide/photo of it somewhere?). They are precious, precious! Thanks for sharing.
love Debby (aka lq)