Friday, November 21, 2008

Time for Change

When we were waiting to travel to get Irene, we had a case of bottled Jones sodas. Inside the lids, they had a type of "fortune." For some reason, we tucked away a few of the lids.

Yesterday, I was cleaning out old boxes in my progress toward having a neater home, and I ran across one of the bottle caps. Inside, it said, "Try a new hair color."

This was AFTER I had changed my hair color to chestnut brown (with lots of deep red tones) earlier in the day!


Your brunette friend (I have never had hair this color!)


nanchang said...

Just sitting here laughing out loud at you changing your hair to a color you have never had and then finding a bottle cap advising such! I've colored my hair for less guidance than a bottle cap before !! It used to always be as a result of a man. I love to mix the colors and get something new going! Did I ever tell you that I dyed Grace's hair? That's a whole separate post, but just know that dye kills bugs!

Holly said...

J-LOL!! What a great tip about the dye killing bugs! Amazingly, none of the girls has had bugs, yet. But, I am filing that away! The only way I would change my hair for a MAN would be to WASH THAT MAN RIGHT OUT OF MY HAIR! LOL! When it comes to hair - please yourself. I did! LOL! XXXOOO