Friday, November 21, 2008

November Weather

On Tuesday it got to 75 here in our neck of Colorado! This was 20 degrees higher than the normal temps. I surprised the girls with a visit to the park on the way home after school. Many of the Other Mothers had the same idea. Very nice chatting and watching the kids play. Below are a few that feature my 3 lovelies. I think it is interesting how they sit in that predomnantly Asian squat-sit when they are playing in the sandbox.

As soon as the sun set, it got cold (normal!). The skies were sooooooooo beautiful as we drove home from this burst of warm November fun in the park.

On Wednesday, it dropped to just 15 degrees above the seasonal norms.

Then -- Thursday hit. I believe the high was 26 or 27. BBBBRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Today was more normal, with a high around 53.



Julie said...

Pretty! Pix like these make me miss fall in Colorado! :)

nanchang said...

I just wish I could get back up from that squat!