Friday, November 21, 2008

IB Night at School

A week ago, our family attended IB Night at the girls' school. The school is an IB Candidate school this year. IB is such a wonderful concept! They are boosting a generation of world citizens! It is very cool.

The evening started with a FANTASTIC (!!) presentation about volcanoes, by Bruce Junek who is an adventure traveler (with his wife). They have traveled to MANY of the world's active and inactive volcanoes. The slides he showed were magnificent!

I have a thing for geology, including anything to do with volcanoes.

After the presentation, the Kindergarteners took the stage and sang a song about IB Attitudes. SO CUTE!

After that, we took our "Passport" and went from classroom to classroom, taking part in various activities centered on IB Attitudes/Behaviors such as being open-minded, keeping balance, being an inquirer, caring, being principled, being a thinker, being a risk-taker, being knowledgeable, being a communicator, and being reflective.

Aren't these GREAT traits for a school to teach?!! I just LOVE this school!

In the photos where the girls are writing, they are reflecting on who has been the greatest influence on them or who has made a big difference in their lives. I joined in (as did many of the parents).

It was a fun night!



nanchang said...

You've got to explain what the plates are for.

Holly said...

They were carrying plates to show being balanced. The plates said such things as Eat Healthy Foods, Video Games, Sleep, Play with Friends, Watch TV, Grown-up Time, Play Time, School, etc. May dropped the one for eating healthy (she is the BEST eater! If everyone ate like May we'd all be a lot more healthy!) Irene only wanted to do ONE plate. She picked Video Games. Which cracked me UP, because she has no idea what a video game even is. LOL! Maybe she needs more video games in order to be balanced. haha