Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playroom Fun

We have spent many hours recently, cleaning up the upstairs playroom (there is a larger playroom in the basement). The toys were allllllllll jumbled together and covered every inch of the floor, the bunkbed, and the closet. The girls and I sorted about 75% of them into big plastic boxes.

You could see the carpet!

Then, I looked away for a couple of days.

And, the adorable kids next-door came over to play. (I never know whether I should mention people's names on this blog, since it is public. I will call the next-door neighbor girl "V" - she is pictured below with my Irene, Jane and May.)

The playroom got messy again, but I cleaned it up again today.

Look at these 4 sweet and happy faces. Could you EAT THEM RIGHT UP, or what?? It is SO GOOD to have wonderful neighbors! The kids play together all the time. No formal or arranged-ahead play dates needed. They just run back and forth between the two houses. Just like when I was a kid. I love it!


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nanchang said...

It takes a LOT of toys to have fun, doesn't it? I'm glad yours will get them out and play with them. Grace hates cleaning up so much that she would prefer not to take anything out. Thank goodness she has Annabel who doesn't mind cleaning up!