Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Childhood Dress

I can't remember if this dress was mine or my little sister's when we were kids. I do remember that it was a FANCY dress! For one thing, it was store bought! My Mother was a WONDERFUL seamstress when we were growing up. She sewed SOOOoooooo many of our clothes.

Quite a while back, my Mother gave me this dress in a store box that is probably as old as the dress is! On the lid of the box was written, "To be saved for Debby's little girl."(Debby is my little sister. I don't think she minds me mentioning her by first name here.) Debby and her husband decided not to have children, and so my Mother gave the dress to me.

It is from about 1963 or 64 if it is mine, and 3 years later than that if it is Debby's.

Last night, I let each of my daughters try the dress on. Aren't they cute?? First is Jane, then Irene, and the last is May. I told them that it never laid flat on me, as I had to wear about 5 really scratchy net slips underneath it to make it stick out! LOL! They wanted to know what a slip was. LOL!!!! Thankfully, times have changed!

OK. Now I have a list of things to do to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at our house!


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Lael said...

Funny - I have a very similar one from my childhood that my grandmother made for me - blue with smocking on the top. Mom sent it to me when we came home with Marie. I finally dressed Marie in it for the Colorado adoption judge (which was about a year after we got back so she was 2 1/2). It still smells of the mothballs my Mom kept it in - and multiple washings did nothing to that smell :)