Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

As I was heading to bed and setting the coffee pot the day May lost her tooth, I noticed on the kitchen island that there was a small Dora doll (dressed in Chinese clothing) and a plastic Ziplock baggie with a note and two coins in it. I figured I surprised the tooth fairy and the items were for May, and so I quietly slipped into the sleeping room and stood on Janie's bed to reach beside May's pillow and leave them there. May's radar went off and she sat straight up in bed! I told her that I found the items on the kitchen island, and figured they were hers and I was there to deliver them on behalf of the tooth fairy. She was SO EXCITED! She and I went into their bathroom to get a better look at her loot.

There was a note from the tooth fairy that said May could keep her tooth (May always writes a note asking to keep the tooth) and reminding May to brush and floss. The tooth fairy writes in blue ink, in a very distinctive block style hand, and her writing is very shaky. She must be old. May tells me that she thinks she writes like a child, and must be a young child. Who knows? Neither May nor I have seen her. But, May told me that she is fat, with green eyes and blonde hair. Hmmmmmmm.

The coins were NOT "one shiny quarter" as I received as a child, but were a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and a Sacajawea dollar coin (with her baby, Jean-Baptiste "Pomp," on her back. So cute.)

So, that is what I have to match. Thankfully, I happen to have these things on hand! ;-) We have a very kind tooth fairy. :-) Although, how she flies, (being so fat) I will never know. Hee!

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