Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun IN and AT the Fountain

Fun IN and AT the Fountain

IN for May and Irene (I can still hear their laughter and screams ringing in my ears – a sound I treasure!) and AT for my timid Janie (who roamed around near the fountain for a while, and then got splashed and decided that was enough for her. Next thing I knew, I turned to my side and she was standing NAKED beside me, “I want to put my clothes on now, Mama.” LOL! I heard several people behind me laugh. I quickly formed a cabana house around her with her beach towel and she got dressed again.) After a while, I called my sister Debby (who works about a block away) and she came over and joined us in the park. The girls had gotten tired of being in the fountain by then and so we all went to the little playground nearby. It was so nice to get to spend some relaxed time with my sister for a while. My girls adore her, too. My parents were so kind (and wise) to have myself and Debby so close together. (This is the part where my Mother says, "Oh, none of you girls were planned. Except God had the perfect plan.") We have been life-long friends. I am hoping my 3 will feel the same when they grow up. I got sooooooooo many great pictures yesterday. Here are some of them (they are not in order - the playground ones were last in the day):


Linda said...

Really cute pictures!! I think my very favorite is the one of Irene in her swimming suit running towards the camera. She is so happy and carefree! I just love the idea that the kids are allowed to play in the fountain this way - it serves much more of a purpose than just beauty.

Tonya Lindsey said...

Holly, The girls are soooo cute. I love those fountains. The joy of running through the water and giggling together!

You have a beautiful family.