Thursday, June 26, 2008


May got her ears pierced today as an early birthday present. She has been talking about doing this for at least two years. She had a lot of questions, and needed a lot of information. She also needed to be mature enough to control her body and not rip her ears carelessly. She selected the earrings from MANY choices. They are little flowers with pink crystal petals and a clear crystal center on 14k posts. I think they are beautiful!

When I had my ears pierced, I had ONE choice of earrings. Gold posts. That was it. It was 1976 and I was working at a retail store called The Denver. All my childhood, my mother had told me that I was not to have my ears pierced. "Only prostitutes and Mexican girls have pierced ears." Well then. LOL! (Apologies to all you prostitute and Mexican girl trendsetters out there!)

I was 17 and watched an RN do ear piercings every Saturday at the jewelry counter at The Denver. I was sick of the PAIN of clip-on and screw-on earrings. They squeezed! They pinched! They were hard to find in cute styles. The other sales women and I talked and talked about it, and I worked up the guts to "just do it!" On the fateful day, I got it done and went home to show my mother. I stood in front of her and asked her if she noticed anything different. "New blouse?" no. "New hairdo?" no. "New lipstick?" NO! I told her I had gotten my ears pierced, and stood back for the fall-out. "That's nice, Honey."

All that hub-bub and ... it's nice?? Sheesh. LOL! :-)

I think May's earrings look nice, don't you?


Mailia's Mom said...

Congrats May on your beautiful ears (and earrings). Mailia is still going back and forth with this decision. So we'll wait a while.
I had my ears pierced the old fashioned way. Ice cubes and clothespins and a surgical needle, by my sister. Then I reciprocated.
I can't imagine wanting to do it that bad now.

Shirley Hauer
Mailia's Mom

Lael said...

LOL - I was 18 when my Mom let me have mine pierced and my best friend used me to get her parents to let her pierce hers...her argument being that they knew how conservative my Mom was, so if I was getting it done it was OK :) (and they let her do it with the caveat that it be at the same time as I did with my Mom present!)

As we were out visiting my family this week, Marie was remarking on my niece's earrings (19 yo) and when my niece told her how it was done, Marie said NO WAY and covered up her ears. We'll see how long that lasts :)