Tuesday, June 10, 2008

curly hair

We've had a busy couple of weeks since school let out for the summer. I still need to take time to post on alllllllll the end of school happenings. Maybe in the next few days.

Yesterday, May asked me to braid her hair so we could release it into kinky curls. I had told her about one time when I was in Junior High School (that is what Middle School used to be called back in the Dark Ages when I was a teenager) and my Mother braided my hair into little braids and we released it into a giant afro. LOL! It is a fun memory. May wanted me to do something similar to her hair. Once she had hers done, Irene and Jane wanted theirs done, too.
It was fun to see my daughters, who normally have smoooooooth hair, have kind of crazy and messy and kinky hair!

Jane wanted some waves, too. Her head is very sensitive and so I only did 4 braids:

Then, Irene presented the ultimate challenge! I had never braided her hair before. She has only just recently had long enough hair to be Girly. :-)

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