Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shark Daughter

May has had a loose tooth since July 2007. Yes, 11 months! This lower front tooth has been slightly loose and she has been nervous about wiggling it. She lets me wiggle it every now and then. We visited the FABULOUS Dr. Adam (Dentist Extraordinaire!) 11 months ago, as we prepared to go to China to bring Irene home. He gave May a tooth box necklace, because she was CONVINCED it would fall out in China.

11 months ago.

Wellllllllll ... flash to today! A few days ago, I noticed that May has a permanent tooth growing in BEHIND the slightly loose tooth. EXCITING! She had not noticed it before. LOL! I gave the slightly loose tooth a wiggle ... um ... I tried to wiggle it ... and I discovered that the new tooth behind it was now sort of propping it up and keep it from wiggling! Yikes. I told May it looked like she would get to have her third tooth extraction by Dr. Adam.

Well, that oldest daughter of mine is ONE DETERMINED PERSON. So, she set to wiggling the tooth. She wiggled and wiggled and now it is VERY VERY loose. She can make it lean forward toward her lip. The Tooth Fairy should be paying her a visit any day now! Stay tuned.

For now, here are some pictures I took to try to show you my daughter the shark (sharks have multiple rows of teeth, for those not in the know). Look closely, or click on the photo to get a larger size:

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Tonya Lindsey said...

Hi Holly! My oldest son's teeth did the very same thing! When he found out the dentist was going to pull the baby teeth, he GOT THEM OUT HIMSELF!!!!!

Your girls are beautiful! I enjoyed reading your blog!

Tonya Lindsey
Laura's Mommy